What Does Your Favorite Bra Tell The World About You?

Most women remember vividly their very first real bra they bought. Do you recall the cute piece you bought for their first time? Was it lacy, push-up, or padded? You may not have noticed at that moment but your choice had so much to do with your character. You unconsciously purchased a design that explained a ton of your habits and personality including your dating preference and the type of girl you are. This is the person you still are today. Check out some thoughts on different Chantelle Hedona bra designs.

  • Strapless

The strapless design is for the adventurous lady who always prefers to get into new activities. If given a choice, she picks champagne over alcohol. If you like the strapless, you must be an easy-going person and sometimes people take advantage of you but you are sure to stand firm on your grounds.

  • Bandeau

It is worn by girls who are honest and sensitive and thus loved by many. These are women who are reached out to by many who need help or advice because they always have first-hand knowledge on the trending stuff. Their favorite animals are giraffes.

  • Balconette

A charismatic woman likes the balconette Chantelle bras. When she was a kid, she was very good at building friendships right from the beginning. Such a lady is unashamed of who they are and she says exactly what she means. To her lies are the worst offences. Unfortunately, she tries hard to invent stuff which never comes out as desired.

  • Full-Cup

If there is something that a woman who wears full capped bra hates is lateness. She is ever punctual, understanding, and doesn’t mind those who disrespect her. She is the warmest person especially with her loved ones.

  • Push-Up

The push –up bra is preferred by a headstrong individual who often criticized for speaking their mind. It is because of their boldness that they get ahead in all phases of their lives as they don’t fear meeting new people and challenges.

  • Sports bra

This is for a practical woman who believes in comfort whether at home, doing exercises, or working. She is excellent when it comes to budgeting and does not fall for emerging trends.

  • Multi-way

Anyone who loves the multi-way bra design doesn’t like complains and prefers to solve issues

independently and keeping her frustrations private. She is the type that desires to dyes her hair with fancy color but backs down because she thinks it is impractical. She loves to be in control hence she prefers to drive rather than stay at the passenger’s seat.

  • T-shirt

One of the biggest traits represented by this bra is independence- whether in choice of a movie, volunteering, or money matters.


The corset bra stands for ambition and aggressiveness. People think that women who put on corsets achieve their goals effortlessly but in reality they work day in day out to get things moving. If checked closely, such women have favorite makeup that perfectly suits their personality style.

These Chantelle bras on sale support women’s bust through thick and thin while talking more about personalities.

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