Barack Obama Is Turning into A Stylish Ex-President

There’s an element of cool, deeply rooted in former President Barack Obama’s DNA. When the former senator and professor hit the political circuit, he hit it with a one-two fashion punch. Mr. Obama has an expensive kind of style, and that style is shaking up the press and fashionistas. Men like Obama find a certain style that accents their experience as well as their personality. Every guy wants to do what Obama is doing in terms of fashion choices.

Obama’s style is not over the top. It’s the kind of style that blends with singing “Let’s Stay Together” at the Apollo Theater and drinking a beer or two with Anthony Bourdain. And his style works when he’s traveling to Milan to give a speech on climate change. Some fashion experts call Barack’s style “the epitome of chill.” And that phrase says it all. To get more info about your personal epitome of chill factor, visit the website linked.

Michelle Obama calls her husband swagalicious because he has that element of chill. Others call him a George Clooney clone. The former president has the same style bug as Clooney, but he’s not George’s clone. With just a two-button navy suit, an open collar, white shirt with the top two buttons unbuttoned, and a pair of badass sunglasses, Obama is his own man. He demands the respect he’s earned, but his demands are not the loud, obnoxious, demands of a narcissistic millionaire. Barack’s demands are unspoken. He lives life on his terms, and he always looks presidential even when he puts on a pair of fashion jeans, a white Polo shirt, and his signature shades.

There are naysayers that claim Obama is getting too casual for his current position. The fashion police say it’s okay to go without a tie, but unbuttoning two buttons on his white shirt is a no-no for an ex-president. The president wore a gray two-button suit, a pinstriped shirt with two unbuttoned buttons when he gave a speech at a global initiatives summit. Mr. Obama was giving the audience a look at the real Barack Obama. That Barack Obama has style running through his genes. He wants the world to know what men can look like when they dress for the real success. The success that comes from the will to serve, and the ability to help people feel like they are part of one big family.

There are too many men who don’t experience that kind of success even when only one button on a shirt is unbuttoned, or when they are wearing an expensive tie. This is the age for men to embrace their inner style mojo and then work it the right way. The first step in the transformation from the stuffy three-piece shyster suit look to the casual, caring diplomat look is to get help from a shop that Obama would frequent.


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