A Guide To Wearing The Mens Sport Coats

The mens sports coat can be termed as elegant, flattering and powerful. It is one of the key essentials that are found in a man’s wardrobe. As long as you choose quality when it comes to the assembly and material, the men’s blazer can be termed as one timeless item.   You can wear it with a wide range of apparels such as khaki trousers, quality denims and white cotton slacks. This is a beauty apparel that can be worn no matter the weather and it never gets out of date.

  • If it is during winter, the sports jacket can be covered with a seasonal coat since the reason for wearing the coat is the cold
  • If it is in between seasons, you can use the trench coat to protect your blazer


Why the mens sports coat/blazer

Nothing offers elegance and structure to an outfit like the blazer. Depending on how relaxed you would like to look, you can wear it closed or open with the sleeves rolled up.  Many blazers are mostly made of wool, the material that is typical of most jackets. This is because it contains breathable and insulating properties which can crumble a little. For wearing during summer, you can opt for fibers that are lighter like cotton or lines. Where different fibers are mixed, this can help to increase the item’s properties; lightness, solidity, not shrinking and waterproof. However, you need to avoid of materials that are 100% synthetic and are found in many of the major retailers.

What you need to know about linen

Linen is made of a vegetable fiber that comes from a plant’s stem of a similar name. It is taken through the process of retting, scotching & spinning to produce a tall, reliable, resistant and supple material that feels nice, and is resistant to dirt. Linen is able to absorb moisture perfectly and it is easy to wash. The material is good for keeping you warm during the cold as linen can be insulating. It can also carry that fresh feel and is a perfect choice for wearing during summer. This product is also eco-friendly and doesn’t cause any irritation. It is not only environment-friendly but it is 100 percent recyclable for the purpose of health, hygiene and equipment.

Choosing a sports jacket



The men’s sports coat can be termed as the corner of the men’s closet. A good blazer should be a strong basic item that can last for a long period of time. One consideration that you need to make when purchasing one is the number of buttons. If you are a starter, a good idea would be to choose a coat with one or 2 buttons. If you opt for the 3 buttons, these many end up dwarfing your figure. Also choose a blazer that will fit you well. With this advice, it is possible to look great while wearing the mens sports jacket.

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