5 cool earring pairings for girls with multiple piercings

Adding quirky personal touches to your outfit and accessories is always a great way to give your look a lift. And once it becomes a quintessential part of your unique style, you can play around and experiment with it according to the occasion or your couture. One of the cool ways to give your look that extra edge is multiple earrings.

5 cool earring pairings for girls with multiple piercings

You can have one extra piercing or go down the more,the merrier line – what matters is how you mix and match the earrings you put on. Here are 5 great ideas of earring pairings for multiple piercings. You can get thedesign for all of the above styles if you buy earrings online.

  1. Dangler and stud

This is the very basic form of multiple piercing accessory mash-up, but you can definitely add some fun to it in your own way. Keep the earring of the standard lobe big, statement-like and dazzling, while the extra one small and fun. Mix and match the style in an indo-western way – choose the dangler with big stones or ethnic designs and the stud with interesting shapes like a star or an animal.


  1. Orbital hoops and industrial earrings


While the previous one is best suited for a wedding or big ceremony, this look works best for clubs or college fests. Industrial piercing is the one that goes across your ear cartilage in the top wide portion of the ear. Arrow and heart, leaf twig or simple barbell earrings with afun design in the middle – anything works. Pair it up with an orbital hoop around the cartilage and give the usual piercing a miss.


  1. Double earring chain


This look is the coolest of the lot if you can sport it. Not always your multiple piercings need multiple earrings as well. If you have got one extra piercing but feel like two earrings will be a bit too much for the evening, then you can deck up with a pair of double earrings. It looks elegant and at the same time, quite unconventional. If your piercings are close, then the chains will hang like a U from your lobes,and if it is high up in the cartilage, the chains will accentuate your whole ear.


  1. Helix hoops and pearl stud/long chain


Once again a minimalistic look for your ears – helix hoops is the coolest thing you can do with multiple piercings if you have one there. The top outermost part of your cartilage is the best and also the safest place to get the extra hole, and also easiest to accessorise. People get double or triple piercings in the helix and hook it up with small hoops. They can be simple metal rings or stone-studded or colourful and spunky ones. Match it up with a ball of pearl stud in the standard piercing, or if you want something more, put on a long chain hanging, and you are good to go.


  1. Series of stars along the edge


This only works if you have a number of multiple earrings along with the edge of your ear – at least 4-5. You can put on a sparkling stone studs in each – preferably of thesame colour,and it will look like a line of stars shining in your ear. Keep this style limited to one ear and keep only one standard stud in the other one.

Basically, your multiple earrings will depend on what kind of piercings you have mostly. But in any case, pick a style and carry it with confidence – and it is bound to work for you.

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